Hi, my name is Paul Wheaton. I am a certified master gardener and a permaculture advocate. I am the creator of two on-line communities. One is about permaculture, Permies.com, and one is about software engineering, CodeRanch.com. I'm a powerful advocate of Sepp Holzer's techniques for which a recent study showed they have the ability to feed 21 billion people without the use of petroleum or irrigation. I'm a strong advocate of hugelkultur, which sequesters carbon and eliminates the need for irrigation, and polycultures, which reduces the need for pest control and improves the health of plants. I have written several articles about lawn care, on raising chickens, cast iron and diatomaceous earth. I also regularly upload permaculture videos and permaculture podcasts. I worked as a software engineer for over 20 years. Perhaps the most well known project would be the work I did in the ground systems for the spacecraft that takes the pictures for Google Earth.