Paul Wheaton - Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture

This 2+ hour presentation by Paul Wheaton covers how to replace irrigation with permaculture. He covers taproots, hugelkulture, avoiding pesticides, greening the desert, deep watering, swales, burms, honey locust, rotational grazing, and more!

Paul starts speaking at 03:10.

Paul Wheaton doing his presentation on replacing irrigation with permaculture. This presentation was given by Paul Wheaton on September 7th at the Oceanside, CA public library. The event was a fund raiser for North County San Diego CRFG. For more info about our chapter and CRFG visit: 

Here's a fun snippet out of the video where Paul calls round-up the Devil's Juice:

 Paul gave another presentaiton on Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture in Idaho, on January 23rd, 2017. Here's the three parts of that presentation:

"Paul Wheaton delivers his presentation "Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture" to an audience of 80 on January 23, 2017 in Idaho.  Paul discusses huglekultur, persistent herbicides in wood chips, Sepp Holtzer, Bill Mollison, among other topics."

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