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In this excerpt from the garden master course Helen explores the world of soil! She shares her knowledge and techniques for determining soil type and quality. From feeling and smelling the soil to digging a hole and performing a shovel test, learn how to assess soil drainage and moisture levels. Helen also explains the significance of soil texture, the main components of soil, and the difference between sand, silt, and clay. Get tips on identifying the best gardening soil, and learn why a balance of sand, silt, and clay is essential for healthy plant growth. Go beyond the traditional master garden course and learn how to interact with the soil without using pesticides or commercial fertilizers.

From the youtube description:

In this video, Helen presents a comprehensive overview of the soil food web and its significance in maintaining a thriving garden. She sheds light on the importance of having a diverse microbial community both on the surface and in the subsoil, which can be achieved by planting a range of different plants,  explaining how the use of pesticides can disrupt these cycles - the reason why she no longer teaches the master garden course. Through sharing her personal experiences of gardening in both Montana and California, Helen highlights the benefits of having a living mulch and an active root system in the soil throughout the year. These principles, when followed correctly, can establish a healthy soil food web that provides a habitat for a variety of species and ensures a stable ecosystem for plants to thrive. The garden master course is a must-watch for garden enthusiasts and permaculture practitioners.

Permaculture Garden Master Course:

The "Understanding Soil" video is an except from Hellen Athowe's Garden Master course. If you've ever been overwhelmed by the amount of gardening information, and don't know what to use and what to "weed" out, a Garden Master course might be just the thing you need. Helen Atthowe has been teaching Master Gardener courses for decades while actively growing and selling her own produce in a permaculture way. She can guide you in how to garden in a permaculture way without toxic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, You can also learn how to grow food without monocrops, tilling or other destructive methods.

Helen atthowe permaculture master gardener

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Attend the Garden Master Course:

If you prefer to learn in-person, Helen Atthowe teaches her Certified Garden Master Course at Wheaton Labs in Missoula, Montana. You will learn organic, veganic, no-till, permaculture gardening knowledge and skills.  In the course, you will learn how to build habitat and create a thriving garden ecosystem. Instead of just growing crops, you will nurture relationships that make your garden thrive.

To find out more about the live course, check out Wheaton Lab's Garden Master Course page.

Permaculture Garden master course in Missoula Montana

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