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Paul Wheaton spreads permaculture in many, many ways: his Youtube channel, podcasts, presentations, Facebook, workshops and events at Wheaton Labs, articles, appearances on radio shows, and much more!

Paul is a gifted speaker and has given TEDTalks, has been interviewed by numerous people including Jack Spirko of the Survival Podcast and Dan Astin-Gregory of The Elevate Podcast. He has been a speaker at the 2022 Exit and Build Conference in Austin, TX where he was received with great enthusiasm.
You can have Paul speak at your conference or event! Whether it is a permaculture, prepping or anything serving a similar audience, Paul can expound forever on natural building techniques, permaculture, alternative energy and heating systems, reducing personal carbon footprint, radical organic gardening ideas like hügelkultur, and how homesteaders can build community.
Paul’s speaking style is dynamic. Hearing him is like listening to a genius engineer friend talk about his mad scientist projects at your backyard BBQ.
Here are some of the many subjects he has presented on:
  • replacing irrigation with permaculture
  • sepp holzer's permaculture
  • wofati eco buildings
  • raising chickens 2.0: no more coop and run
  • introduction to permaculture
  • making the big bucks with permaculture
  • the "animals in the landscape" segment for a PDC
  • carbon/eco footprint and urban vs. rural
  • rocket mass heaters
  • truly passive greenhouse

How to get him:

Paul can travel anywhere in the United States, (especially the Pacific Northwest or Mountain states, but is amenable to places beyond… ) and in this day of pandemic fears and other nasties, speak online from his Wheaton Labs ranch near Missoula, Montana.
He is available most times of the year, but especially during the winter and spring months which lie outside the event schedules at Wheaton Labs.

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