Interviews with Paul Wheaton

Paul Wheaton has been interviewed by various people over the years. In the above video by The Grass Fed Homestead, Paul discusses the downsides to using cardboard and newspaper for mulching, the complexities of intentional communities, having chemical-spraying neighbors, and the advantages to rocket mass heaters.

This is not the only interview with Paul Wheaton, however! 

Paul met up with Jack Spirko to discuss hugelkultur and permaculture food systems. From the description on youtube:

In this episode I am joined by Paul Wheaton to discuss his "different flavor of permaculture" along with a ton of his projects, his coming permaculture jamboree this summer and his overall plan for permaculture world domination.

Key Moments:
  - 11:44 What do you do to control cabbage worms.

  - 16:46 The Permaculture Boot Camp

  - 17:01 Permaculture Bootcamp

  - 21:21 Mycelium Insulation Panels

  - 48:51 Two types of limited views in Permaculture

  - 1:11:05 Goal with Permaculture

  - 1:11:16 How many chickens can you put on an acre

  - 1:22:46 Homesteading as a retirement plan

  - 1:24:46 Difference between luxury and waste

  - 1:40:03 A spring terrace

  - 1:46:35 Spring terrace

  - 1:49:13 The SEPPer program

Paul also had an interview with Grow Action. From the video discription:

In this interview we discuss permaculture's role in the world around us. Specifically:

  -  Permaculture's role in large scale agriculture

  - The Garden of 1000 Buddhas

  - Society's current dependance on grain

  - Masanobu Fukuoka's "The One Straw Revolution"

  - Rocket mass heaters

  - The origin of

  - Sepp Holzer

  - Wofati and Skytherm methods of passive house heating/cooling

  - Rainwater Harvesting: Rain Barrels vs. Hugelkultur

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